Hornady Critical Defense 9MM

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115gr Critical Defense Grain

Hornady Critical Defense 9MM 115gr is a state-of-the-art personal defense round from the world-renowned ammunition manufacturer, Hornady. The Critical Defense 9MM 115gr has undergone extensive development and testing to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability in both semi-automatic handguns and short-barreled revolvers.

Hornady Critical Defense 9MM 115gr is a modern personal defense round that employs a 115-grain, jacketed hollow-point (JHP) projectile, encased in a Nickel-plated brass casing that is made of high-quality, select brass.

The main focus of Hornady’s Critical Defense line is to provide superior performance in personal defense situations. The bullet features a large truncated-cone nose shape that promotes optimal wounding capabilities even after facing barriers such as shirts and jackets.

The large truncated-cone nose shape also allows for the use of a lighter bullet weight resulting in a much faster operating velocity. The Critical Defense 9MM 115gr has a reported velocity of 1,140 feet per second at the barrel. The lighter bullet weight also causes less recoil than a heavier round in the same caliber.

The round is also very affordable with most outlets online selling boxes of twenty rounds for just over $20.

The Critical Defense 9MM 115gr from Hornady is a high-performance, reliable, and accurate personal defense round. The round offers a great balance between performance and affordability making it a popular choice in the defensive handgun market.

The Hornady Critical Defense line of ammunition has a unique design to ensure reliable and optimal performance. The 9MM 115gr round is specifically created for personal defense with a FTX (Flex Tip expanding) bullet design that increases the terminal ballistics and expansion of the bullet. This ensures reliable performance no matter what the situation.

The FTX bullet has a hard polymer insert that helps to prevent clogging. The material on impact which ensures consistent expansion occurs when penetrating clothing or barriers such as glass. The jacket helps to guide and control the expansion of the bullet.

Some of the features of this particular round include the increased diameter expansion, increased penetration, and greater muzzle flash suppression. The 115gr bullet offers a velocity of 1180fps which is optimal when trying to stop a threat quickly and efficiently.

With the Hornady Critical Defense 9MM 115gr round, you can count on exceptional performance no matter what the situation. Featuring consistent, reliable, and supreme accuracy, this is the perfect choice if you’re looking for self-defense ammunition for your Handgun.

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