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380 ACP
50 Rounds
100gr TMC Grain

380 ACP Ammo

380 ACP Ammo Inc Signature 100gr TMC is a type of ammunition designed for use in .380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) firearms. “TMC” acronym stands for “Total Metal Coated,” meaning that these bullets are completely coated in a layer of metal. This coating provides better protection against wear and tear during firing and while in the magazine.

The “100gr” refers to the weight of the bullet, which in this case is 100 grains.

The “Signature” in the name indicates that this ammunition is part of Ammo Inc’s Signature line, designed for more reliable and accurate performance. Overall, 380 ACP Ammo Inc Signature 100gr TMC is a reliable and versatile option for those who own a .380 ACP firearm.

100gr TMC

The 100-grain TMC bullet is a versatile choice for both training and competition shooting. The total metal coating design ensures safe indoor shooting by virtue of reducing lead exposure. This makes it a reliable and effective choice for indoor target shooting, as well as for self-defense purposes.

Concealed Carry

.380 caliber is a popular choice for concealed carry and lightweight handguns, making this ammunition a practical choice for those who carry for personal protection. Its precise accuracy and consistent performance makes it a top choice for competitors and law enforcement.

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