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500 Rounds
124gr TMC Grain

9MM Bullets Made By Ammo Inc

124gr TMC (Total Metal Coating)

Ammo Inc produces a lot of different bullet types these days. 124 grain bullets with a TMC coating (Total Metal Coating) area type of ammunition designed for use in handguns chambered in 9MM. It is a versatile and reliable bullet option that is suitable for a variety of applications.

Lead Core 9MM

The TMC design of this bullet refers to the use of a fully encapsulated lead core surrounded by a copper jacket. This design ensures that the lead core remains intact and prevents any fragmentation upon impact, providing consistent penetration and expansion.

Versatile 9MM Bullet

One of the main advantages of this bullet is its versatility. The TMC design makes it suitable for both target shooting and a variety of other applications purposes. This bullet offers reliable accuracy and control which makes it a good choice for both novice and experienced shooters. The design of this bullet also reduces the chances of barrel fouling which can affect accuracy over time.

High Muzzle Velocity

Ammo Inc 9MM 124gr TMC is also known for its high muzzle velocity. This results in a flatter trajectory and higher energy transfer upon impact, making it effective for self-defense scenarios.

Excellent Lubrication

Additionally, the total metal coating on the bullet provides excellent lubrication. reducing friction and improving feeding and cycling in semi-automatic handguns. This makes it a reliable choice for users who want consistent and smooth performance from their firearms.

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