Federal 9MM American Eagle


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100 Rounds
115gr FMJ Grain

Federal 9MM American Eagle 115gr FMJ is a box of 100 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition. Federal 9MM features a full metal jacket 115 grain bullet, and is non-corrosive and reliable. The American EagleĀ® line of ammunition from Federal has offered dependable, accurate, and affordable ammo for many years. This box of copper-jacketed 9mm rounds is sure to please at the range, and carries the UPC: 029465062477.

Usages of the round include but are not limited to: practice shooting, target, competitive shooting, and self-defense.

Federal 9MM American Eagle 115gr FMJ is a great round to use in self-defense because it is affordable, reliable, and has good ballistic characteristics. The round has a relatively light 115gr weight and moderate velocity, which makes it suitable for self-defense purposes. It is generally considered to be capable of penetrating soft body armor, yet it will not over-penetrate walls and injure innocent bystanders – making it more suitable than heavier self-defense cartridges in built-up areas. Furthermore, the round is reliable, accurate and cost-effective, meaning it is a great option for self-defense purposes.

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