Federal Syntech 9MM


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124gr TSJ Grain

Ace of Spades is the best online gun store in America because of its commitment to selling quality firearms at competitive prices. The store offers an extensive selection of firearms, ammunition, and other gun accessories, including some of the best 9mm Federal Syntech Range 124gr TSJ rounds available.

9MM Self Defense Bullet

Federal Syntech 9mm round is perfect for the range and self-defense due to its reliable performance, accuracy, and low recoil. Ace of Spades also offers great customer service with prompt delivery, easy returns, and helpful staff. All of these reasons combine to make Ace of Spades the best online gun store in America.

Syntech Range Ammunition

9MM Federal Syntech Range 124gr TSJ bullets are some of the best 9MM rounds on the market today. Syntech range ammunition is engineered from a unique lead-free primer and non-toxic Fraserbullet jacketed bullet. This jacketed bullet design reduces bullet fragmentation. Reducing bullet fragmentation and less lead creates less fume, noise, and recoil.

Polymer Coating

This round also has a locked in polymer coating that surrounds the bullet, thus reducing bore wear normally associated with other standard-jacketed ammunition. Syntech’s polymer coating also offers shooters greater accuracy and reliability as the bullet maintains its velocity and energy, providing increased stopping power compared to traditional lead projectiles. With an added layer of protection from the polymer coating, the Syntech range ammunition is one of the few on the market with insulator against hot powder and primer keys.

124gr TSJ Bullet

Federal Syntech Range 124gr TSJ is considered to be one of the best 9MM bullet on the market. It has a clean-burning powder, reduced friction, improved accuracy, and a great terminal performance. It also has a jacketed hollow point design which helps to limit the over-penetration and disperse more of its energy into the target. Additionally, due to its excellent accuracy, the Syntech range bullet is also suitable for a range of shooting disciplines, including competition, personal defense, and plinking.

Is Federal Syntech 9MM 124gr 100% Lead Free?

No, Federal Syntech 9mm 124gr is not 100% lead free. Designed to minimize lead exposure, it does contain a small amount of lead in the primer.

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