Federal Train and Protect 9MM


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50 Rounds
115gr JHP Grain

What Is Federal Train and Protect Ammo?

Federal Train and Protect 9MM 115gr JHP is an jacketed hollow point designed specifically for practice and law enforcement use. The bullet’s purpose is to deliver maximum stopping power and accuracy, while still being reliable and affordable. The usage of this bullet is mostly for practice and training purposes. Essentially, 9MM 115gr JHP can also be used for home protection and defense applications.

Training Ammo

The federal Train and Protect 9MM 115 gr JHP ammunition is designed for practice, training, and personal protection. It is a lethal round and is designed to provide light recoil and a low noise output. Minimize firearm fouling with minimal residue. These bullets are jacketed with a special alloy. This alloy is designed to ensure reliable cycling and feeding in modern firearms chambered in 9mm.

9MM 115gr JHP Specifications

The specifications of the Federal Train and Protect 9MM 115gr JHP are a muzzle velocity of 1150 fps and a muzzle energy of 325 ft/lbs. The bullet is copper-plated with a jacketed hollow point profile. This bullet has a weight of 115 grains and a brass casing. Unlike many other jacketed hollow point bullets. Fundementally, the sealing between the core and jacket is designed to remain intact when passing through barriers like drywall or glass. This helps to ensure a uniform expansion upon target impact.

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  1. Coen Jacobs

    9MM Ammo is high quality from Ace of Spades Armory. Well kept gem.

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