Fiocchi .32 ACP Shooting Dynamics


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32 ACP
50 Rounds
60gr JHP Grain

.32 ACP

At Ace of Spades Armory, we provide our customers with the best selection of Fiocchi .32 ACP ammunition and the highest quality of service. Our ammunition is from the leading names in the industry, and we ship our products nationwide within the United States.

Bullet Characteristics

Choosing the right ammunition is essential to ensure optimum performance. 32 ACP cartridges are available in various bullet types, velocity, and energy ratings. 32 ACP has become a popular caliber due to its capability of being used in compact sized handguns and its availability in various bullet types. We offer a wide variety of 32 ACP ammunition, including: FMJ, lead bullets, jacketed hollow points, frangible, rubber bullets, and other specialty ammo. We also have a diverse selection of brands for celebrities, such as Fiocchi, CCI, Federal, Speer, and many more.

Self Defense Round

At Ace of Spades Armory, we understand the importance of finding the right fit when it comes to ammunition. We believe the Fiocchi 32 ACP 60gr JHP would be an excellent choice for customers who need a 32 ACP round with superior ballistics. The Fiocchi 32 ACP 60gr JHP is a self-defense round and offers excellent penetration and accuracy.

Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)

The jacketed hollow point bullet is designed to expand when it enters a soft target. Upon impact, the round will expand to a maximum diameter, creating a wide wound channel and stopping power. The Fiocchi 32 ACP 60gr JHP has an excellent muzzle velocity of 1,056 feet per second, making it faster than many comparable 32 ACP rounds. The energy generated by the round is good, with 203 foot-pounds of force at the muzzle.

The jacketed hollow point bullet (JHP) is made with a full metal jacket, which improves the strength and durability of the bullet. Additionally, the lead core is encapsulated within the jacket, ensuring proper expansion and penetration.

Fast Shipping in USA

At Ace of Spades Armory, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We strive to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective solutions that meet your needs. This is why we only carry the best selection of 32 ACP ammunition from the leading names in the industry. Our commitment to quality, value, and service ensures our customers will always get the best products at the lowest prices.

We ship our ammunition nationwide and offer competitive rates, fast shipping, and secure incomparable convenience. In addition to this, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the right bullet for your firearm.

When it comes to self-defense, a quality round like the Fiocchi 32 ACP 60gr JHP will provide the accuracy and stopping power you need. It is important to choose the right bullet for your firearm, so make sure to carefully consider the ballistics of a given round. At Ace of Spades Armory, we provide the best selection of 32 ACP ammunition, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

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