Glock 47 MOS Gen 5 Black

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Glock 47 MOS Gen 5 Black

4.49″ Barrel 17rd Glock

Modular Optic System (MOS)

Glock 47 MOS Gen 5 Black is a polymer-framed, semiautomatic handgun designed and manufactured by the Austrian company Glock. It is a variant of the popular Glock 17 handgun,

MOS stands for Modular Optic System, meaning that this particular model has the ability to easily mount an optic sight onto the slide. The FDE in the name stands for Flat Dark Earth, which refers to the color of the slide and frame.

9MM Glock

This particular model is chambered in 9mm, which is a popular and versatile caliber that is widely used in self-defense, law enforcement, and target shooting. This pistol has a 17-round magazine capacity.

Gen 5 Glock

“Gen 5” designation indicates that this model is from the fifth generation of Glock pistols. This generation features some upgrades and improvements compared to previous generations such as the improved optic system.

Glock 47 Accuracy

The barrel length of the Glock 47 MOS Gen 5 Black is 4.49 inches, which provides a good balance between accuracy and handiness. The longer barrel allows for better accuracy, while still being short enough to make it easily maneuverable for self-defense situations.

Law Enforcement

Glock 47 MOS Gen 5 Black is stable and accurate making it a popular choice for law enforcement and military personnel. Its compact size and high capacity magazine make it a reliable option for self-defense.

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