Maglula UpLULA – Speed Loader (9MM – 45ACP)

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Maglula UpLULA – Speed Loader (9MM – 45ACP)

Maglula Universal Compatibility:

Loads virtually all single and double-stack magazines of all manufacturers, of the following calibers:

  1.  9mm Luger
  2.  .357 Sig
  3.  10mm
  4.  .40
  5.  .45ACP

Maglula UpLULA is compatible with a wide range of pistol magazines, including single and double stack magazines from 9mm to .45 caliber. This makes it a versatile tool for gun enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • Durable Construction:

This speed loader is made from durable and high-quality materials, ensuring that it can withstand regular use and last for a long time.

  • Fast Loading:

With UpLULA, you can load a magazine in a matter of seconds, making it a time-saving tool. This is especially useful for those who go to the shooting range frequently.

  • Ergonomic Design:

The Maglula UpLULA is designed with ergonomics in mind, making it comfortable to hold and use. It also has a non-slip surface, ensuring a secure grip during use.

  • Portable and Lightweight:

Weighing in at only 72 grams, the UpLULA is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around in your range bag or pocket.

  • Proven Performance:

The UpLULA has been tested and recommended by professional and competitive shooters, proving its reliability and effectiveness.

  • Easy to Use:

UpLULA is easy to use, even for those with limited hand strength or dexterity. It eliminates the need for manual loading, reducing the risk of hand or finger injuries.

  • Versatile Application:

Maglula UpLULA can be used for both loading and unloading magazines, making it a versatile tool for gun owners. It also works with both single and multiple-round loading.

  • Cost-Effective:

While there are other speed loaders on the market, the UpLULA offers the best value for money. Its durable construction, universal compatibility, and ease of use make it an excellent investment for any gun owner.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

Maglula UpLULA has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers, with many citing its ease of use, versatility, and durability as key factors in their satisfaction.

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