Remington Magnum Rimfire Premier 17HMR


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Available on backorder

50 Rounds
17gr ATV Grain

.17 HMR 17gr ATV

Remington Magnum Rimfire Premier .17 HMR 17gr ATV ammunition is great for distance shooing. This bullet has a high level of accuracy, performance and reliability. Remington is one of the most popular brands of ammunition for shooting varmints, prodder shooting and pest control. Moreover, we ship this ammo nationally in the USA. Order from us today!

“Rim Fire” Cartridge

The Remington Magnum Rimfire Premier .17 HMR 17gr ATV is a rimfire cartridge, which means it has a brass casing, a Berdan primer and a plated hollow point bullet. The bullet contains lightweight polymer tips which allow for greater accuracy and accuracy on impact. The 17gr ATV bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,550 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 245 foot-pounds. It is specifically designed to have high-pressure recoil characteristics, a wider diameter and higher velocities for the highest level of accuracy.

Expand and Fragment

The bullet is designed to expand and fragment rapidly upon impact, producing devastating results while still remaining highly accurate. This is due to its lightweight construction, which reduces drag and allows for greater accuracy. It is also constructed to cause tremendous trauma on impact by creating a larger wound channel and generating greater hydrostatic shock which disrupts organs and tissue. The bullet is coated with a high-grade polymer tip which resists clogging and improves performance at long ranges.

The Remington Magnum Rimfire Premier .17 HMR is suitable for varmint shooting, prodder shooting, pest control and small game hunting. It is also the ideal type of ammunition for target practice and training as it produces minimal recoil while offering excellent accuracy. Because of the bullet’s high velocity and flat trajectory, this ammo is perfect for shooting from a variety of distances.

Because the muzzle velocity and muzzle energy are both higher than other .17 ammunition, it gives unrivaled accuracy and performance at longer ranges. When compared to competitive ammunition in the same caliber, it outperforms them by a wide margin. Additionally, the use of the lightweight polymer tips helps maintain accuracy in turbulent weather conditions.

Hunting Ammunition

The Remington Magnum Rimfire .17 HMR 17gr ATV ammunition is one of the best options on the market and a great buy for season hunters, competitive shooters and everyday shooters alike.

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