Norma 357 Magnum Safeguard

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357 MAG
50 Rounds
158 JHP Grain

357 Cartridge

Norma 357 Magnum Safeguard 158gr JHP (Jacketed Soft Point) bullet is a popular choice for both self-defense and hunting purposes.

These bullets feature a lead core that is encased in a copper jacket, which is designed to control expansion upon impact. The hollow point design of the bullet allows for controlled expansion, maximizing energy transfer to the target. This results in a larger wound channel and increased stopping power.

Norma 357 158 Ballistics

The Norma 357 Magnum Safeguard 158gr JHP (jacketed hollow point) is a high-powered, heavy round designed for self-defense and tactical use. Here is a breakdown of its ballistic performance:


The diameter of the bullet is .357 inches, which is typical for most 357 Magnum rounds.


The round has a weight of 158 grains, which is on the heavier side for 357 Magnum bullets. This weight helps to increase the stopping power of the round.

Muzzle Velocity:

The muzzle velocity of the 357 Magnum Safeguard is around 1,200 feet per second (fps). This is slightly faster than many other 357 Magnum rounds and contributes to its overall power.

Muzzle Energy:

With a muzzle energy of approximately 520 foot-pounds, the 357 Magnum Safeguard has a significant amount of stopping power and can do serious damage to its target.


The round is designed to be accurate and reliable, making it suitable for self-defense situations where accuracy is crucial.


The jacketed hollow point design of the bullet allows for controlled expansion upon impact, which creates a larger wound channel and increases stopping power.


The 158-grain weight and high velocity of the round can penetrate deeply into its target, making it effective at stopping a threat.

Terminal Ballistics:

When the 357 Magnum Safeguard hits its target, the combination of high velocity, controlled expansion, and penetration results in devastating terminal ballistics. This makes the round an excellent choice for personal defense or law enforcement use.

Overall, the Norma 357 Magnum Safeguard 158gr JHP offers a combination of power, accuracy, and terminal ballistics that make it a reliable and effective choice for self-defense and tactical use.

Can a 357 Magnum Penetrate Body Armor?

It is unlikely that a .357 Magnum round would penetrate body armor rated for firearms. Body armor, especially modern versions, are specifically designed to protect against high-powered and high-velocity bullets. The .357 Magnum, while a powerful handgun round, does not have the same amount of energy or velocity as rifle rounds or even some other handgun rounds like the .44 Magnum or .357 SIG. Body armor can also vary in quality and effectiveness, so it is important to do thorough research and make an informed decision.

Can You Shoot 38 Special in 357 Magnum?

Yes, you can shoot .38 Special in a .357 Magnum revolver. In fact, the .357 Magnum was designed to also be able to shoot .38 Special ammunition. However, the reverse is not true as the .357 Magnum is a longer cartridge and will not fit in a .38 Special revolver. It is always important to check with the manufacturer’s guidelines before using any ammunition in a firearm.

357 Magnum Weight

158gr weight of the bullet is on the heavier end of the spectrum for 357 Magnum rounds, providing greater momentum and penetration.

Jacketed Soft Point (JHP)

One of the key features of the Norma 357 Magnum Safeguard 158gr JHP bullet is its versatility.

High Quality Revolver Bullets

Overall, the Norma 357 Magnum Safeguard 158gr JHP bullet is a reliable and effective choice for those in need of a powerful, all-purpose round.

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