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357 MAG
50 Rounds
158gr TMC Grain

Ammo Inc 357 Magnum

357 Magnum Ammo Inc 158gr TMC is a type of handgun ammunition designed for use in the .357 Magnum revolver. TMC stands for “total metal casing.”

Signature Defensive Line

As with most handgun ammunition, the main usage for 357 Magnum Ammo Inc 158gr TMC is for personal protection and self-defense. Its ability to penetrate through barriers such as clothing, doors, and automobile glass also make it a good option for law enforcement and military personnel.

Its high velocity and energy can take down these animals at close to mid-range distances.

357 Bullet Characteristics:

  1. Stopping power: With its high velocity and energy, the 357 round has strong stopping power, which is important for self-defense situations.
  2. Reduced fouling: The fully enclosed design also helps reduce fouling in the firearm, providing a cleaner shooting experience.
  3. Easy to load: The TMC design of this ammunition makes it easy to load and handle, making it a good option for those with limited experience with firearms.
  4. Expensive: Compared to other types of ammunition, 357 Mag Ammo Inc 158gr TMC tends to be more expensive. This is due to its high quality and specialized design.

Can 357 Magnum Penetrate Body Armor?

It is possible for a 357 Magnum to penetrate some types of body armor.  Additionally, it is illegal to wear body armor while committing a crime in many states, so it is not advisable to rely on body armor as a means of protection.

Can You Shoot 38 Special In 357 Magnum?

Yes, you can shoot .38 Special ammunition in a .357 revolver. The .357 cartridge was developed as a longer and more powerful version of the .38 Special. The only difference is the length of the cartridge case, which allows the .357 to hold more powder and achieve higher velocities. The 357 revolver can also chamber and fire .38 Special +P ammunition if your pistol is P+ rated. P+ rated bullets and pistols shoot at a higher pressures and velocities than standard .38 Special rounds.

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