5.7 X 28 FNH


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5.7 x 28
50 Rounds
40gr FMJ Grain

5.7 X 28 is a .22 caliber ammunition manufactured by Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FNH). It has a 40 grain FMJ (full metal jacket) bullet. The number 5.7 represents the caliber (5.7mm), and the 28 indicates the length of the round (28mm).

5.7 x 28 FNH 40gr FMJ is superior to other 5.7 bullets because it is designed with a copper jacket for improved penetration, and a lead core for expanded terminal performance. This bullet is also designed to have lower chamber pressures and produce minimal brass fouling, allowing for more reliable, precise shots and improved performance in certain firearms.

5.7 x 28 FNH 40gr FMJ is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts.

This bullet is a steel-core bullet, meaning it has been specifically designed to penetrate through steel body armor and other hardened targets. The 5.7X28 was created to replace the 9mm Parabellum as a more effective round for submachine guns and assault rifles and is also used as a primary round in the FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon and the Five-seveN USG pistol. The bullet’s FMJ (full metal jacket) construction further enhances its ability to penetrate through armor, since the jacket closely encases the bullet, rather than allowing it to prematurely break up on impact with armor. The 40 grain weight of the bullet also adds to the bullet’s penetration capability, as heavier bullets maintain their velocity better on impact and are more likely to penetrate through armor.

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