5.7 X 28 Fiocchi

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5.7 x 28
150 Rounds
40gr FMJ Grain

5.7 x 28 Bullet Profile

5.7 X 28 Fiocchi ammunition is known for being lightweight, accurate, and reliable. The bullet design is also known for providing excellent penetration and expansion. The relatively high velocities achieved by the 5.7 X 28 cartridges make this an excellent choice when looking for a self-defense round. The lighter projectile helps to reduce some of the recoil associated with handguns chambered for more powerful rounds. Additionally, Fiocchi produces many different types of ammunition which are certified and can be used in various countries. This allows shooters to practice with this round in areas where FMJ ammunition is prohibited.

Is The 5.7 x 28 Good Defense?

The 5.7 x 28 Fiocchi round is a popular high velocity handgun round that is accurate and carries a lot of energy. It is also one of the most economic bullet choices.

The 5.7 x 28 is a powerful cartridge and can be an effective defensive round when loaded with high-quality bullets. However, due to the limited selection of available loads, it is usually more practical for target shooting and small game hunting than for defense.

Best 5.7 Guns

The most popular options for shooting 5.7x28mm ammunition are the FN Five-Seven pistol, Ruger 5.7, and S&W MP. Both are reliable and accurate handguns that are capable of handling the light-recoiling and fast-moving 5.7x28mm cartridge. Both handguns will give shooters a great shooting experience and are great options for self-defense.

  1. FN
  2. Ruger
  3. Kel-Tec
  4. S&W
  5. Angstadt Arms
  6. AR57
  7. CMMG

Ballistics Performance

Ballistic performance of 5.7 X 28mm 40gr FMJ ammunition varies depending on the manufacturer, but, in general, the average muzzle velocity of the round is around 1750 feet per second and the energy is generally around 450 foot-pounds. At 100 yards, the velocity drops to around 1,230 feet per second and the energy decreases to around 250 foot-pounds, and at 200 yards, the velocity drops to 1,000 feet per second and the energy to around 140 foot-pounds. Generally, this ammunition has a relatively flat trajectory with a drop of about 10 inches at 100 yards and 25 inches at 200 yards.

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