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45 ACP
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Armscor 45 ACP

Armscor .45 ACP

Armscor 45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) is a popular ammunition cartridge used in various firearms, including handguns and some rifles. It has a rich history and is known for its power and reliability. In this analysis, we will discuss the history, development, and characteristics of Armscor .45 ACP.


The .45 ACP cartridge was first introduced by John Browning in 1905 for use in the Colt Model 1905 automatic pistol. This pistol was later adopted by the United States Army as the Colt Model 1911, and the .45 ACP became the standard cartridge for the United States military.


Armscor .45 ACP is a rimless, straight-walled, centerfire cartridge with a bullet diameter of .451 inches and a case length of .898 inches. It is a high-velocity round, typically fired at a speed of around 830 feet per second, with a muzzle energy of approximately 350 foot-pounds.

Stopping Power

One of the defining characteristics of the Armscor .45 ACP is its stopping power. Due to its heavy bullet weight and high velocity, it is known for its ability to stop an attacker in their tracks. This is why it has been a popular choice for self-defense and law enforcement use. The high stopping power also makes it a useful cartridge for hunting, especially for larger game.

Armscor Reliability

The Armscor .45 ACP is also known for its reliability. It is a well-made cartridge with consistent performance and minimal malfunctions. This reliability is attributed to its design and the quality control processes of Armscor and the PAOO. It is also a relatively affordable cartridge compared to other .45 ACP ammunition, making it a popular choice among shooters.

Armscor Bullet Specifications:

Over the years, various variations of the Armscor .45 ACP have been developed to meet different needs and preferences. Some of these variations include:

  1. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): The standard load for military and target shooting, the FMJ version of the Armscor .45 ACP has a full metal jacket bullet, which helps improve accuracy and penetration.
  2. Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP): The JHP version of the Armscor .45 ACP is designed for self-defense and hunting. Its bullet is hollowed out and lined with a metal jacket, which helps it expand on impact and create larger wound channels, resulting in greater stopping power.
  3. Bulk Ammo: Armscor also offers bulk ammo options for shooters who go through a lot of ammunition. These bulk packs are more economical, making them a popular choice among avid shooters.

.45 Uses:

Armscor .45 ACP is a versatile cartridge that has been used for various purposes, including self-defense, law enforcement, target shooting, and hunting. Its unique characteristics, such as stopping power and reliability, have made it a popular choice among different types of shooters.

In the military, the Armscor is still used by some special operations units, although it has largely been replaced by smaller, lighter ammunition. In law enforcement, it is still a popular choice for handguns carried by officers on duty. For civilians, the .45 ACP is a popular choice for personal protection, as well as for recreational shooting.

In conclusion, .45 ACP has a rich history and is a well-respected cartridge in the firearms community. Its development and partnership between the PAOO and Armscor have resulted in a reliable and high-performing cartridge. With its stopping power and versatility, it is a popular choice for different uses, and its various variations offer options for shooters with different needs and preferences.

Is Armscor 45 ACP A Good Brand Of Ammunition?

Armscor is a well-respected manufacturer of ammunition for firearms and is known for producing high-quality, reliable products. They are especially popular among shooters who prefer affordable ammunition that still provides good performance. Overall, Armscor is considered a good brand of ammunition for 45 firearms.

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