PMC Bronze 45 ACP


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45 ACP
50 Rounds
230gr FMJ Grain

PMC Bronze 45 ACP

PMC Bronze 45 Ammo

45 ACP For Self Defense and Hunting

PMC Bronze 45 ACP 230gr FMJ ammo is a popular ammunition option among gun enthusiasts and is commonly used for target shooting, self-defense, and some types of hunting.

Lead Core

The cartridge is designed with a full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet, which consists of a lead core encased in a copper jacket. This construction provides improved accuracy and reliability, as well as reducing barrel fouling. The 230 grain bullet weight is a standard weight for .45 ACP cartridges and offers a good balance of power and manageable recoil.

Cheap 45 ACP Ammo

One of the notable features of this ammo is its affordability. This makes it a great choice for frequent target practice and training.


In terms of usage, PMC 45 ACP 230gr FMJ ammo is a reliable option for self-defense purposes. The FMJ bullet tends to penetrate deeply, making it effective in stopping a threat. However, as with any FMJ ammo, it may not expand as much as other bullet types, which may reduce its effectiveness in certain self-defense scenarios.

Small Game Hunting

The cartridge is also suitable for hunting smaller game such as coyotes or small deer. Its power and accuracy make it a viable choice for taking down these animals at shorter distances.

230gr FMJ Ammo

Overall, PMC Bronze 45 ACP 230gr FMJ ammo is a versatile option with a good balance of power, accuracy, and affordability, making it a popular choice for a variety of shooting purposes.

Is PMC Bronze Ammo Any Good?

PMC Bronze ammo is generally considered to be good quality and reliable, especially for its price point. PMC ammo is also widely available and used by many shooters, with positive reviews for its accuracy and consistent performance. However, as with any ammunition, individual experiences may vary.

Who Makes PMC Bronze Ammo?

PMC Bronze ammo is manufactured by Poongsan Corporation in South Korea. Poongsan Corporation also owns and operates the Defense Industry Division which produces military ammunition for the South Korean armed forces.

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