Federal HST 10mm


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200gr JHP Grain

Federal HST 10mm

10MM Federal HST Pistol Bullets

Federal HST 10mm 200gr JHP is specifically designed for use in 10mm pistols. HST stands for “Hydra-Shok Deep”, which is a type of bullet from Federal Premium Ammunition. This bullet design features a center-post hollow point, which allows for controlled expansion upon impact, creating a large wound channel and maximizing stopping power.

What Is Best Velocity And Grain For Federal HST Expansion?

Generally, a velocity in the range of 900-1100 feet per second and a grain weight of 165-180 is considered optimal for most Federal HST loads. However, it is important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific firearm and ammunition to ensure best performance.

200gr 10MM Bullet Usages

The weight of the bullet is 200 grains, which is considered a heavy weight for 10mm ammunition. This weight, combined with the hollow point design, makes it ideal for self-defense purposes. The larger bullet weight ensures deep penetration and the hollow point allows for expansion, increasing the chances of stopping an attacker.

Reliable 10MM Ammunition

The 10mm HST has a high muzzle velocity, which means it travels at a high speed, allowing for better performance at longer distances. It also has low recoil, making it easier to control and more comfortable to shoot.

Law Enforcement Bullet

Best use case of Federal HST 10MM is in self-defense scenarios. It is also suitable for hunting and target shooting as it provides superior accuracy and terminal performance. The heavy grain weight and hollow point design make it effective for taking down larger game animals.

Self-Defense and Hunting Pistol Bullet

Fundamentally, the Federal HST 10mm 200gr JHP is a bullet for those looking for reliable and effective self-defense and hunting. Its unique bullet design and weight make it a versatile and powerful option for a variety of purposes.

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