Sig Sauer 10MM V-Crown Elite


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200gr JHP Grain

Sig Sauer 10MM V-Crown Elite

Sig Sauer 10MM Ammo For Sale

Sig Sauer V-Crown Elite 200gr JHP is a 10mm pistol cartridge. This bullet is part of Sig Sauer’s V-Crown line, which features a unique stacked hollow point design that provides consistent expansion and deep penetration.

10mm Sig Ammo

Sig Sauer 10mm bullet has high muzzle velocity and energy which makes it suitable for hunting medium to large-sized game, such as deer, wild boar, and elk.

200gr Jacketed Hollow Point

200gr JHP refers to the weight of the bullet, which is 200 grains or 13 grams.

The Sig Sauer V-Crown bullet produces less muzzle flash than other 10 milimeter bullets. This can be beneficial in low light shooting situations, where excess muzzle flash can affect visibility.

Sig V Crown 10MM Review

Overall, the Sig Sauer V-Crown Elite 200gr JHP is a high-quality round that offers reliable performance and stopping power for both self-defense and hunting applications.

  1. Superior design: The V-Crown design features a stacked hollow point. An additional hollow cavity at the base of the bullet creates controlled expansion and maximum energy transfer upon impact.
  2. Reliable feeding: The profile of the bullet is rounded. This nickel casing ensures smooth and reliable feeding in semi-automatic pistols.
  3. High velocity: The 200gr weight of the bullet and its high velocity of over 1200 feet per second make it a powerful and effective round for hunting and self-defense applications.
  4. Versatility: V-Crown design and weight make the bullet suitable for both short-range and long-range shooting, making it a versatile option for a variety of applications.
Where Is Sig Sauer 10MM Ammo Made?

Sig Sauer 10mm ammo is manufactured in their own production facility located in Jacksonville, Arkansas, United States. This manufacturing facility produces a variety of ammunition for Sig Sauer firearms, as well as for other brands.

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