Federal HST 9MM


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147gr JHP Grain

Federal HST 9MM 147gr

Federal HST 9MM 147gr JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) is a special self-defense round. This round is designed by Federal Premium to maximize terminal performance. The 9MM Federal HST 147gr JHP’s weight makes it noticeably heftier than the standard 9mm round. This added weight provides a higher level of momentum and energy to ensure improved transfer of kinetic energy to the target. The HST round also features an engineered base plug adding to the round’s reliable expansion and ensured penetration.

The 9MM Federal HST 147gr JHP bullet is one of the best selling bullets of all time because of its reliability, accuracy, and superior performance in self-defense. The bullet also benefits from a unique nickel-plated brass casing providing superior corrosion protection and enhanced feeding in semi-automatic pistols. Additionally, the 147gr weight ensures consistent, controlled recoil even in compact firearms, making the 9mm Federal HST an excellent choice for defensive and competition shooting.

Federal Hydra Shok Deep vs HST

Federal Hydra Shok Deep 9MM 135gr is a high performance hollow point round that delivers ample penetration and expansion while remaining relatively light weight for line officers. The load is optimal for self-defense and law enforcement use.

Federal Hydra Shok HST 9MM 147gr is a higher-weight bullet designed for tactical and law enforcement use. The bullet has a tougher jacket, enabling it to penetrate barriers without fragmentation for more reliable stopping power. The expanded size of the bullet is generally slightly larger than the Hydra Shok, and the penetration is remarkable, providing an excellent balance between performance and safety. The HST has excellent momentum, penetration, and expansion, making it a popular cartridge for use in considered higher-threat scenarios.

The main difference between the Hydra Shoks Deep and the HST is the grain weight and the bullet construction. The HST, being the higher weight option, is more suited to tactical and law enforcement use where threat levels may dictate more penetration and expansion. The two cartridges may have a similar shape and size, but they deliver a different outcome when released from the barrel. Ultimately, the decision to choose one round over the other depends on the personal preferences and requirements of the shooter.

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