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50 Rounds
62gr Green Tip Grain

5.56 Aguila 62gr Green Tip round is a high-performance round for modern rifles. The round design has a unique bullet profile and is designed to be a high velocity and long-range round. The round has a good terminal performance and is very accurate. While other rounds are good for shorter distances, the Green Tip is designed to perform better at longer ranges. This round also features a fragmentation casing that helps to create a larger wound channel. This makes the round very effective for hunting and target shooting, as well as self-defense scenarios. Overall, this round is one of the best 5.56 bullets on the market today for its performance in range and accuracy, as well as its excellent terminal performance.

The 5.56 Aguila 62gr Green Tip was first developed in 1988 in Mexico by a subsidiary of the sporting goods retailer Aguila. It was designed to deliver better accuracy and better performance from shorter barrels, and was marketed as a suppressed-round for use in close-quarter situations. Since then, the Aguila 62gr Green Tip has become a popular choice with many shooters across the US. Today, it is manufactured by both Aguila and Remington.

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