M193 5.56 Bulk Winchester USA Lake City

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1000 Rounds
55gr FMJ Grain

M193 5.56 Bulk Winchester USA Lake City

M193 Ammo For Sale

5.56 bullets aren’t all alike and the M193 is a great cocktail topic to start off. M193 Lake City Winchester 5.56 ammo typically features a 55-grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) projectile with a boat-tail design. This design helps to improve its ballistic performance and accuracy, making it a popular choice for training and target shooting purposes.

Lake City Winchester 5.56 ammo is a high-quality, high-performance ammunition that sets itself apart from the average 5.56 bullet through its specific design, manufacturing process, and adherence to military specifications. It is an excellent choice for precision shooting, long-range shooting, and situations where reliable, consistent performance is crucial.

5.56 Bulk Ammo

“Bulk” indicates that it is sold in larger quantities, typically in 1000 round cases.

Lake City Ammo

5.56 ammo comes in a variety of makes and manufacturers. Lake City bulk brass takes the prize when it comes to good quality 5.56 training ammunition.

Winchester 5.56 Ammo Review

M193 Lake City Winchester 5.56 ammo is a type of ammunition commonly used in military. Lake City is a government-owned facility located in Independence, Missouri, and distributed by Winchester Ammunition.

Here are some key features of M193 Lake City Winchester 5.56 ammo:

  1. Bullet Weight: The standard 55 grain weight for 5.56 ammunition allows for higher velocities and better accuracy.
  2. Velocity: This bullet results in a muzzle velocity of over 3,200 feet per second. This makes it a higher velocity round compared to the average 5.56 bullet.
  3. Accuracy: The combination of the 55-grain bullet and higher muzzle velocity makes M193 ammo extremely accurate at longer ranges, up to 500 yards. This makes it an excellent choice for precision shooting.
  4. Penetration: The full metal jacket bullet design of M193 ammo allows for excellent penetration and expansion upon impact, making it effective against a variety of targets.

5.56 Bulk Brass

At Ace of Spades Armory, we cater to all customers including those looking for specific types of ammunition such as Winchester 223 brass bulk and Winchester 5.56 brass bulk.

First, we source our products from reliable and authorized suppliers, ensuring that all our ammunition is genuine and of high quality. Both Winchester 223 brass bulk and Winchester 5.56 brass bulk are popular types of ammunition known for their accuracy and reliability.

We make both of these types of ammunition available for sale on our website and in-store. Our website is user-friendly, making it easy for customers to browse and find the specific ammunition they are looking for. Each product page includes detailed information about the ammunition, including the manufacturer, caliber, and quantity.

Customers can purchase Winchester 223 brass bulk and Winchester 5.56 brass bulk in bulk quantities from our website. We offer bulk pricing for customers who need to buy large quantities of ammunition. Additionally, we regularly update our inventory to ensure that we have a consistent supply of these popular types of ammunition.

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