Ammo Inc 5.56 Bulk Signature


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500 Rounds
55gr FMJ Grain

Ammo Inc 5.56 Bulk Signature

Ammo Inc

Ammo Inc 5.56 Bulk

Full Metal Jacket 5.56

Ammo Inc 5.56 Bulk Signature 55gr FMJ is a full metal jacket round designed for use in rifles chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. Ace of Spades Armory carries the best 5.56 ammunition online and many different types of 5.56 bullets. View our training videos and reviews today.

Lead Core 5.56

The FMJ design features a lead core surrounded by a copper jacket, providing reliable performance and consistent penetration. This type of bullet is also less prone to expansion or fragmentation, making it a good choice for target shooting and training.

5.56 Hunting Ammo

The 55gr designation refers to the weight of the bullet, which is the standard weight for 5.56 NATO ammunition. This weight is ideal for use in both practice and training as well as for varmint and small game hunting.

5.56 Ammo Used by Military

Its high velocity and flat trajectory make it suitable for longer range shooting as well.

Some potential usages for Ammo Inc 5.56 Signature 55gr FMJ include:

Target Shooting:

The high accuracy and consistent performance make this ammo a popular choice for target shooting and competitions. Buying Ammo Inc 5.56 bulk is the best way to purchase M193 ammo online if you are in the market for 5.56 Ammo Inc ammunition.

Varmint and Small Game Hunting:

The 55gr FMJ round is suitable for hunting small game such as coyotes, rabbits, and squirrels.

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