Ammo Inc 300 Blackout (Match Grade)


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300 Blackout
20 Rounds
155gr BTHP Grain

Ammo Inc 300 Blackout Ammo

Match Grade Ammo

Ammo Inc 300 Blackout 155 Grain BTHP (Boat Tail Hollow Point) is a specialized ammunition designed for use in the popular 300 Blackout rifle platform. It is a popular choice for hunting and target shooting due to its high accuracy and effective terminal performance.

155gr 300 Blackout

155 Grain BTHP refers to a specific type of ammunition designed for use with firearms chambered in the .300 Blackout cartridge. BTHP stands for Boat Tail Hollow Point, which describes the shape and design of the bullet.

The 155 grain bullet weight indicates the weight of the projectile in grains, with a grain being a unit of measurement commonly used in the ammunition industry. The higher the grain weight, the heavier the bullet, which can affect its trajectory, stopping power, and other ballistic characteristics.

Boat Tail Hollow Point

The Boat Tail design of the bullet features a tapered base, which helps improve accuracy and reduce drag during flight.

Overall, the 300 Blackout 155 Grain BTHP ammunition from Ammo Inc. is a high-quality, precision-made round designed for accuracy and reliable performance in firearms chambered in .300 Blackout.

1) Characteristics:

– It has a lead core and a brass casing, both of which contribute to its high muzzle velocity and energy.

2) Usages:

– It is also a popular choice for competition shooting, as its heavy weight and boat tail design contribute to better long-range accuracy.

3) Ballistics:

– The 300 Blackout 155 Grain BTHP has a muzzle velocity of 2,750 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 1,327 foot-pounds.

– It has a flat trajectory and good consistency at longer distances, making it suitable for shooting targets at extended ranges.

– With its boat tail design and high muzzle velocity, the bullet has a high ballistic coefficient, meaning it is less affected by air resistance and maintains its velocity and energy better than other bullets.

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In conclusion, the Ammo Inc. 300 Blackout 155 Grain BTHP is a high-quality, specialized ammunition with a heavy weight, boat tail design, and hollow point for improved accuracy, penetration, and terminal performance.

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Ammo Inc 300 Blackout (Match Grade)