stelTH 300 BLK Subsonic (Ammo Inc)


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300 Blackout
200 Rounds
220gr TMC Grain

StelTH 300 BLK Ammo

StelTH 300 BLK Subsonic is a type of ammunition manufactured by Ammo Inc, specifically designed for use with the 300 AAC Blackout (BLK) rifle cartridge.


  1. Subsonic velocity: StelTH 300 BLK Subsonic ammunition has a velocity of around 1050 feet per second, which is below the speed of sound. This makes it ideal for use with suppressors, as the bullet will not create a loud sonic boom when exiting the barrel. The heaviness of StelTH 300 Blackout due to the heavy grain of the bullet weighing in at 220gr.
  1. Heavy bullet weight: This ammunition typically includes a heavier bullet weighing around 215 grains. This weight helps to provide greater stopping power and penetration, making it an effective choice for hunting and self-defense.
  1. Low recoil: With its subsonic velocity and heavy bullet weight, StelTH 300 BLK Subsonic ammunition has a relatively low recoil, making it easier to handle for shooters of all levels.


  1. Hunting: 300 BLK is commonly used for hunting medium-sized game. The subsonic ammunition adds an element of stealth to the hunting experience, making it less likely to spook game and increasing the chances of a successful shot.
  1. Self-Defense: Due to its heavy bullet weight and subsonic velocity, StelTH 300 BLK Subsonic is also a popular choice for self-defense. The heavy bullet is effective at stopping threats, while the subsonic velocity reduces the chance of overpenetration and collateral damage.
  1. Training: Many shooters also use StelTH 300 BLK Subsonic ammunition for training and target shooting. The low recoil and quiet shooting experience make it ideal for honing skills and practicing precision shooting.


StelTH 300 BLK Subsonic ammunition has a flat trajectory, meaning it maintains a mostly level flight path over a long distance. This is beneficial for accuracy and ease of use in both hunting and target shooting scenarios. Additionally, the heavy bullet weight and subsonic velocity make this ammunition effective at penetrating barriers such as walls or thick foliage, making it suitable for use in urban or dense environments. However, due to its lower velocity, it may have a slightly shorter effective range compared to supersonic ammunition.

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