Armscor 300 Blackout


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300 Blackout
100 Rounds
147gr FMJ Grain

Is Armscor Ammo Any Good?

Armscor 300 Blackout Ammo 147gr FMJ 100rds

Armscor 300 Blackout 147gr FMJ bullets are a type of ammunition manufactured by Armscor. 300 Blackout caliber (300 BLK) is a popular choice for firearms enthusiasts due to its versatility and effectiveness in various shooting scenarios.

300 Blackout

First, let us understand the meaning of the various terms used to describe this ammunition. The number 300 in the name refers to the caliber, which is the diameter of the bullet in inches. The Blackout part of the name refers to the cartridge size, which is a shortened version of the 300 AAC Blackout. 147gr refers to the weight of the bullet in grains, which is the standard unit of measurement for bullets. Finally, FMJ stands for Full Metal Jacket, which is a type of bullet construction where the lead core is covered with a copper jacket.

Penetrating Round

Armscor 300 Blackout 147gr FMJ bullets are commonly used for rifles and pistols chambered in 300 Blackout calibers. These bullets are designed for general-purpose shooting, including target practice, plinking, and hunting. The FMJ design of the bullet ensures reliable and consistent accuracy, making it ideal for precision shooting at longer distances. The full metal jacket also provides enhanced penetration, making it suitable for use in self-defense situations.

147gr 300 Blackout

147gr weight of the bullet falls in the mid-range of bullet weights available for the 300 Blackout caliber. The 147gr bullet is suitable for both short and long-range shooting, making it a versatile choice for a variety of shooting scenarios.

Armscor Reliability

One of the most notable features of the Armscor 300 Blackout 147gr FMJ bullets is their consistent and reliable performance.

The full metal jacket design of the bullets also offers some unique benefits. The copper jacket not only enhances bullet performance but also reduces lead fouling in the barrel. This helps to keep the firearm cleaner and can extend its lifespan. Additionally, the full metal jacket helps to reduce the risk of over-penetration, making it a safer choice for use in urban or crowded areas.

Mid-Range Rifle Ammo

Another advantage of the Armscor 300 Blackout 147gr FMJ bullets is their affordable price. Compared to other types of ammunition in the same caliber, these bullets are relatively more affordable, making them a popular choice among budget-conscious shooters. This, combined with their consistent performance and reliability, makes them a highly attractive option for shooters of all levels.

147gr BLK Ballistics

In terms of ballistics, the 147gr FMJ bullets have a muzzle velocity of 1,990 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 1,314 ft-lbs. This provides a good balance of velocity and energy, making them suitable for various shooting scenarios. The bullets have a sectional density of 0.211, which is an indication of their penetration potential.

Weather Resistant

The cartridges are made with high-quality brass casings, which are known for their corrosion resistance and durability. This ensures that the bullets can withstand storage and use in different weather conditions, without compromising on their performance.

Affordable 300 Blackout Ammo

Ultimately, the Armscor 300 Blackout 147gr FMJ bullets are a high-quality, versatile, and affordable option for shooting enthusiasts. The full metal jacket design provides enhanced accuracy, penetration, and easier maintenance, making them a top choice for shooters of all levels. Whether for target practice, hunting, or self-defense, the Armscor 300 Blackout 147gr FMJ bullets are an excellent choice for any firearms enthusiast.

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