CCI AR Tactical 22LR

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300 Rounds
40gr CPRN Target Grain

CCI AR Tactical 22LR

CCI AR Tactical 22LR Ammo Review

CCI AR Tactical 22LR is a high velocity bullet designed specifically for use in semi-automatic rifles and pistols. This bullet features a 40 grain, copper plated round nose projectile.

One of the key reasons why the CCI 22LR stands out among other high velocity 22LR bullets is its specialized design.

What Is The FPS Of CCI AR Tactical 22LR?

The high velocity of the CCI Tactical 22LR also sets it apart from other 22LR bullets on the market. With a muzzle velocity of 1,200 feet per second, this bullet packs a punch and delivers impressive speed and energy. This makes it ideal for hunting small game and varmints, as well as target shooting at longer ranges.

In terms of precision, the CCI Tactical 22LR is hard to beat. This results in tight groupings and improved accuracy, making it a favorite among competitive shooters.

Overall, the CCI 22LR is a top choice for anyone looking for a high velocity 22LR bullet.

Can The CCI .22LR AR Tactical 40 Grain Copper Round Nose Be Used In Rimfire Rifle?

Yes, the CCI .22LR Tactical 40 Grain Copper Round Nose can be used in a rimfire rifle.

Copper Plated Round Nose

The most notable feature of the CCI 22LR is its copper plated rounded nose tip, also known as CPRN. This design element serves several important purposes:

  1. Improved Ballistics: The rounded nose tip of the bullet helps to improve its aerodynamics, allowing it to maintain a more stable and accurate flight path. This is especially important for longer distance shots, where even small variations in the bullet’s trajectory can greatly affect its impact point.
  2. Reduced Fouling: The copper plating of the bullet’s tip helps to reduce the buildup of lead and other fouling materials in the barrel of the firearm. This helps to keep the barrel clean and maintain consistent performance over multiple shots.
  3. Enhanced Terminal Performance: The rounded nose design of these bullets also allows for more reliable expansion upon impact, making them more effective for hunting small game or varmints.

Rimfire Ammunition

CCI AR Tactical 22LR is a rimfire bullet designed for rimfire pistols or rimfire rifles only.

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