CCI Blazer 22LR Bulk Bucket


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Available on backorder

1500 Rounds
38gr LRN Grain

CCI Blazer 22LR (Long Rifle) bulk ammo featuring 38 grain lead round nose bullets in bulk. CCI Blazer Brass ammo is an excellent choice for practice, competition, and recreational shooting.

  • Bullet Type:

The CCI Blazer 22lr 38gr LRN (Lead Round Nose).

  • Bullet Weight:

The bullet weighs 38 grains, which is a standard weight for 22lr ammunition. This weight allows for accurate and consistent performance.

  • Bullet Profile:

The LRN bullet features a round nose profile, which helps with smooth feeding and reliable cycling in both semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles.

  • Bullet Material:

The bullet is made of lead.

  • Casing Material:

CCI Blazer 22lr casings are made of brass. This material can withstand high pressures without deforming or rupturing.

  • Primer Type:

The primer used in this bullet is a non-corrosive, rimfire primer. Designed for reliable ignition in the 22lr cartridge.

  • Velocity:

The CCI Blazer 22lr has a velocity of approximately 1235 feet per second. Fast and powerful round for its size.

  • Accuracy:

This bullet is known for its consistent and reliable accuracy. This round is popular for target shooting and small game hunting.

  • Projectile Expansion:

Due to its small size and low velocity, the lead round nose bullet does not expand upon impact, making it less effective for hunting larger game.

  • Bullet Cost:

The CCI Blazer 22lr 38gr LRN is an affordable option for shooters, making it a popular choice for those looking to save money on ammunition.

Reliable 22LR Round

The CCI Blazer 22LR 38gr LRN is a consistently reliable and affordable plinking ammunition.

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