Winchester Super Suppressed 22LR


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Available on backorder

100 Rounds
40gr PHP Grain

Hunting Enthusiasts

Winchester Super Suppressed 22LR ammo is one of the best choices for any shooting enthusiast or hunter.

Winchester Super Suppressed 22LR 40gr PHP ammo is a specialty round that is designed to reduce the noise levels of rifle discharges. The bullet itself features a pointed tip, high-energy core, and a proprietary coating that reduces barrel friction. As a result, noise levels are reduced up to 70% compared to regular 22 LR rounds. Another major benefit of this round is its low recoil, allowing for increased accuracy and precision.

The powder charge used in the Super Suppressed round is specially designed to ensure that it is clean burning and efficient. This in turn, increases the life of the firearm barrel and reduces fouling. Additionally, the primer used is constructed of a non-corrosive material, further advancing the safety and accuracy of the round. The heavy polymer coating on the round is specifically designed to reduce lead and copper fouling, while still allowing for easy ammunition loading.

Not only is this round accurate and quiet, but it is also relatively cheap and easy to use. Winchester Super Suppressed 22LR 40gr PHP ammo is the perfect choice for hunters. This ammo offers accurate and low-recoil that will suppress noise levels and help protect the hearing of nearby people. The advanced features of this round make it an excellent choice for any shooter seeking the perfect combination of performance, accuracy, and suppressibility.

Winchester Super Suppressed 22LR Is Accurate

First and foremost, Winchester Suppressed 22LR ammo is designed with accuracy in mind. It is constructed using premium ammunition components. Components include high-quality brass cases and reliable primers that offers excellent accuracy and consistent performance from shot to shot. Winchester Suppressed 22LR ammo has a longer, more pointed shape for improved in-flight stability. This ensures that the round rockets out of the barrel and arrives at the target precisely where intended with minimal outside influences impacting its accuracy and trajectory.

Quiet Ammunition

Furthermore, Winchester Super Suppressed 22LR ammo is renowned for its low noise and recoil output. The combination of a slower muzzle velocity and the incorporated baffle technology reduces the sound generated when fired. This makes Winchester Suppressed 22LR ammo a great choice for outdoor target shooting or general plinking where loud noises from more powerful rifle cartridges are not tolerated. The reduced sound output is also beneficial for various hunting activities where a quieter round is required.

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