CCI Mini Mag 22LR 40gr SHP


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Available on backorder

100 Rounds
40gr SHP Grain

Ace of Spades Armory is the best place online to buy CCI Mini Mag ammunition. The units come in a pack of 100 and are superior to most ammunition on the market today due to their quality, consistency, and affordability.

The segmented hollow point of the 22LR has earned it a reputation as one of the most popular, reliable, and accurate rounds in the market today. Upon contact with the flesh, the hollow point’s two segments each veer off in different directions, hence the term “segmented”. The fragmentation process results in significantly larger wound cavities for lethal damage compared to normal hollow points. The UHP design and outward fragmentation pattern also yields less penetration with improved accuracy over traditional hollow points.

The quality of CCI is second to none. The smaller polymer coating seals the seams of the Mini Mag hull, preventing the powder from spilling out, which can lead to misfires or jams. The brass casings and lead bullets used are also of exceptionally high quality and are the cleanest burning ammo on the market, leaving less residue in the chamber than other brands. On top of these finer details, the CCI features an extremely consistent and accurate spread, with minimal muzzle flash.

Ace of Spades Armory consists of experts in the field of firearms, ammunition, and shooting accessories.

The CCI Mini Mag 22LR 40gr Segmented Hollow Point rounds from Ace of Spades Armory have many uses.

The CCI Mini Mag provides low cost, low sound, and low flash ammo. The high reliability of CCI makes it a shooter’s favorite across many disciplines.

Our experienced staff is always ready to offer helpful advice and answer any questions that you may have.

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